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Building And Managing Your Online Reputation

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Building And Managing Your Online Reputation


Reputation  Building

Reputation building is your endeavors and practices to create a positive common perception of your business’ products and / or services among your audience.


Reputation Management

Reputation management is the ability to assess people’s perception on regular basis to ensure that your reputation is heading towards the right direction and to be able to address any negativity or diversion in that common perception by using proper monitoring and updating tools.


Why do you need reputation building and management?


In a way, reputation building process is similar to your efforts to put on your best looking suit to match with the shirt and tie you chose before you headed to that annual business meeting that you attended every year. It is the thought or two you had about how you can impress your audience of seniors, co-workers and maybe new acquaintances.  Now back to that annual meeting, remember receiving any complements? Positive ones maybe like “you are looking great tonight” or “where have you been, I have been looking all over for you?” “Make sure you call me next week for lunch and drinks”. How about “why do you look so pale?” “Somebody hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately”. Remember what you did next? Let me take a guess. You sneaked to the rest room, took a good look in the mirror and asked yourself “what are they talking about?” Maybe freshened up, fixed your tie and put on your best face then headed back to pick up where you left. That thing you did is called reputation management. It is the mirror that shows you how you look like “in the eyes of the beholder” and helps as a grooming kit that comes in handy to bridge the gap of how YOU see yourself and how OTHERS see you.


Reputation Building


“Raise your flag high for everyone to see”

Assuming your good content is ready and optimized to address machines and humans. It is time that you spread the word. Spreading the word is to publish and to share. Use different platforms and channels. Publish your content on your website and share it on social media websites aiming “to ensure that your online business presence is visible”.


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Communication Quality

“You don’t have to be loud to be heard”

Reputation building either soars by the quality of your content or plunges. You need quality content provided that you have quality products and / or services in the first place. Your content should communicate relevant and useful information about your products and / or services: what are they good for? How do they look like? How much they cost? Where and how to obtain them? Why are they better than those of the competition? You need to be eloquent; no one likes a chatter box. Content must be focused on the subject to become influential: it is the first brick in building your reputation as credible.

Quality of your website design also plays a major element that can be a turn on or off to your viewers. It is that good looking expensive suit or dress you put on to make all eyes focused on you. Without one you won’t grab anyone’s attention.


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Enhancing Your Credibility

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with One Step”

Even though this is a long term goal, yet your products / services brand’s credibility starts from the day you become visible online. Don’t lose interaction with your viewers for they are your prospects. It is significant that you respond to their queries in a timely manner: in real time or by responding back to their comments or emails. Consequently, your viewers will establish a sense of familiarity with your brand you. And as you are enhancing your credibility, you will be gaining loyal followers.


Reputation Management: monitoring and maintaining your reputation 

“Keep your eyes on the ball”

Social media monitoring tools monitor users’ trends over social media networks: social networking websites, blogs, discussion forums and social media for commercial purposes. The process involves analysis of users’ interaction i.e. follow, tweet, and retweet, share or post, like and dislike button. These tools offer also text mining of specific keywords on by identifying and assessing what is being said about your company, product or service.


Why is that important?

By identifying and assessing what is being said about your company, products or services, you are able to evaluate their visibility and how users perceive them. Listening to what your viewers and prospects have to say is very important to your business; it is the mirror that you need to know if there is anything wrong with the services or the products you are providing. As your reputation grows, you can’t afford bad word of the mouth because a crowd is always louder than a single voice.  Such tools allow you first hand feedback and foresee any possible damage to your reputation or credibility. By listening on regular basis to what your viewers, prospects and clients are saying about your services and products, you are always guaranteed one step ahead. 


In a Nutshell

Reputation building is not a onetime exercise; it is not a single post or a click of a share button. Reputation building is a long term process of relating to the right audience while demonstrating unbiased knowledge. It is providing answers to their queries with the insight of your expertise and offering realistic and reliable solutions to their real problems.


Reputation management is being able to listen and monitor what viewers, prospect and clients have to say about your services and products, even if it means listening to what you don’t want to hear while bearing in mind that old management saying “You can't improve what you can't measure”. 


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