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Building Backlinks for Your Online Business

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Building Backlinks for Your Online Business

What is Link Building?


Link building refers to the process of placing your backlinks (also called inbound links) in other websites to redirect their users to your website when they click your link.

In earlier articles, we have discussed how search engines work and that they take into consideration how effectively your website is optimized in term of keywords, content, accessibility and popularity to determine the ranking of their SERPs, right?

Well it is about time that we see these factors in a different light. There are two types of SEO optimization:


Online Optimization

  • Keywords, content and accessibility: the relevance of keywords and content to the search subject how friendly your website structure is to the user. 

Offline Optimization

  • Popularity and Authority: the quantity and the quality of backlinks of your website on other website. 



Backlinks Building for Your Online Business

Backlinks Improve Your SERPs Ranking Status

  • Since search engines interpret that “the more backlinks about you in other websites, the more popular your website must be” and on the internet “popular” to a great extent means “important”, thus backlinks guarantee you early ranking in search engines result pages. 


Backlinks Direct Traffic to Your Website

  • Backlinks play a very important role for the success of your online business since they introduce your business to many internet users. By placing your backlinks in other trustworthy and reputable websites, there is a good chance that their users become your visitors by clicking the link to your website.


Backlinks Create Branding Awareness for Your Products and Services 

  • Even if the other websites’ users didn’t click your link, they did see it and that alone can build awareness for your brand. There is a chance that later on, those viewers may recall your brand - at any point in tme - and make a contact by returning to the website that hosts your backlink or by searching your products and services on the internet.


Types of Backlinks

Organic Backlinks

Satisfied customers or web users of your website create links to your website as they recommend you to friends and contacts. These links are based basically on the quality of your content, your website friendliness and service or product you provide.

  • Free of charge, no effort involved except that of the website optimization

  • Takes a long time to accomplish


Reciprocal Backlinks

Reciprocal or link exchange is linking your website to other websites while other websites link theirs to yours: it is “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” sort of thing, they are:

  • Free of charge. 

  • Could guarantee you quantitative exposure.

  • Requires considerable research since there are many spam and fake sites out there. 


Paid Backlinks

By purchasing a space in a reputable website to post your backlink or register your domain in directories i.e. yellow pages to showing your URL in contact info.

  • A paid for service. 

  • Notably increases your qualitative and quantitative traffic.

  • Tells the search engines your website is an authority

  • Increases your brand awareness



Considerations While Choosing Your Links

Links Are Not Equal in Weight

Since not all websites receive the same amount of traffic, it is no wonder that backlinks are not equal in weight. Some backlinks are more valuable than others because websites that host them receive tremendous amount of visitors. The more valuable a backlink is, the more expensive it is.


Link Neighborhood

Always remember this old saying “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas” while choosing your exchange links. Linking your website to spam or fake sites is a not a good idea and can seriously damage your reputation. Instead link your website to highly trusted domains like universities, non-profit organizations and government websites or other websites that are considered by search engines as high-trust domains.


Fresh Content

If you decide to develop organic links, keep in mind that this requires patience and attention to the quality of the content you are providing and how often it is updated.


In a Nutshell

Link building is a key element for a successful SEO.  It is not a simple onetime exercise but rather a process that needs considerable research, good planning and perfect execution to pay off and when it does, it will bring your business to the spotlight.

Link building is the stone you cast to hit: more ranking, more traffic, and more awareness.