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how to replace powered by drupal using jquery

We have to admit that we all love Drupal and it is for us more than a web development tool or a CMS , it is more like a way of thinking and coding for the internet However It is really annoying to see the Powered by Drupal at the end of the footer region , after searching on google i did not find a quick solution to replace this text to be Powered by Nilewebsites which is my website so after some trials Jquery as usual solved it easily

The Solution : Replacing powered by drupal using jquery in 2 simple steps.

1. We find the span in which it contains the powered by using the ID of the footer :
jQuery("#footer").find("span a").text().replace("Powered by Drupal","NileWebSites");

2. We replace the URL also so it points to your website instead of pointing to Drupal.org :
jQuery("#footer").find("a").attr("href", "http://www.nile7.com/");

Make sure that the jquery executed successfully then it should be replaced.

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