symfony2 composer RuntimeException [Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\RuntimeException] The process timed out.

Due to my slow connection :
I got the following errors where trying to update my symfony2 packages using the command :
root@ubuntu:/var/www/Symfony# composer update
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies
- Removing doctrine/common (2.3.0)
- Installing doctrine/common (2.3.x-dev bb0aebb)
Cloning bb0aebbf234db52df476a2b473d434745b34221c

The process timed out.

update [--prefer-source] [--prefer-dist] [--dry-run] [--dev] [--no-custom-installers] [--no-scripts] [-v|--verbose] [-o|--optimize-autoloader] [packages1] ... [packagesN]

root@ubuntu:/var/www/Symfony# The process timed out.


To solve the slow internet connection issue i used the command :

COMPOSER_PROCESS_TIMEOUT=4000 php composer.phar update

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